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Our Privacy Policy

In collecting, using and disclosing personal information on this Website, Blakeney Henneberry Murphy & Galligan Barristers & Solicitors (BHMG) adheres to the general privacy principles set out in firm's Privacy Policy and to the specific personal information practices set out below.

We do not collect and use personal information provided by individuals who use this Website.

Personal information is any information that is identifiable to an individual, or by which, through deduction, would be identifiable to an individual. It does not include the name, business address, title and contact information of an employee of an organization. In providing and marketing our professional services we only collect and use information about our potential and existing clients.

This includes communications with our clients, including interviews, meetings, telephone calls, correspondence and emails. We may also collect personal information about our clients from independent sources including licenced insurance companies, brokers, independent adjusters, medical professionals, investigators, employers and government institutions and registries.

The Law Society of Upper Canada obliges law firms to keep records of the professional work performed. As a result, some of our records may contain personal information which we must retain.

In our retainer, we obtain written or oral consent and authorization to this collection, use or disclosure.

If the purpose for which information is collected is not obvious, we will explain the purpose for which we collect, use or disclose personal information.

We disclose personal information only for the purposes of providing legal services account only when the legal services provide when we have obtained a specific authorization to make the disclosure or when we are compelled by law or a court order to disclose personal information.

The personal information that we collect must be accurate, complete and current. When necessary, we may request and update client personal information. We also rely on our clients to advise us of any changes to their personal information which may be relevant to the advice and services we provide.

At all times, we protect personal information by applying safeguards to both our physical and electronic files. Access is limited to individuals in the firm who need access in the performance of their employment and professional duties. Physical files are maintained in areas of our office that are not available to the public (e.g., locked rooms and filing cabinets).

Electronic files containing personal information are maintained in a secure environment. We employ industry best practices to ensure complete security of communications via the internet or via email. Wherever possible or at the request of our clients, we apply encryption technology to our communications.

Individuals have the right to request to review, and if applicable, correct their personal information in our possession. An individual may make such a request by writing to our Privacy Officer at the address provided below. We respond promptly to questions and concerns relating to our personal information handling practices and this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy may be amended and updated from time to time. The most up-to-date version of our privacy policy is available at or by contacting:

Graham Mino
Barristers & Solicitors
8 King St. East
Suite 1500
Toronto, Ontario, M5C 1B5
ph 416-408-4400
fax 416-408-4900


Contacting BHMG via e-mail does not mean that the firm is acting for the sender of the e-mail. Legal representation does not exist unless the firm agrees to act on a client’s behalf. Legal representation will be confirmed in a retainer agreement or retainer letter, in accordance with our usual policies.

Information posted on the BHMG Web site should not be construed as legal advice or a legal opinion on any specific facts or circumstances. It is provided for general information purposes only. If you are currently a party involved in litigation, you are urged to consult with your lawyer regarding any specific legal questions you may have.

We have made every effort to ensure that the information presented on our site is accurate and clear, however, we cannot be held liable for any errors or inconsistencies. Please note that information on this site is subject to change without notice.

All content, original images, and their arrangement herein are protected and owned by BHMG.

If you have any questions regarding material presented on this website, please contact our client relations department at (416) 408-4400 ext. 230